Concert Pieces

Concert Pieces

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Each of our 15 concert pieces below contains hundreds of images, and many are set to multiple music options.


Discover the magic of modern Mexico—brimming with diversity, beauty, and a warmth you rarely hear about. Choreographed for music by

Chávez, Copland, Márquez, Moncayo


Imagine a time when pre-Columbian civilizations built vast empires across the lush jungles and high plateaus of Mexico. Choreographed for music by


National Park SuiteNational Park SuiteNational Park Suite

An inspiring tribute to America the Beautiful and its remarkable National Parks. Choreographed for music by

Beethoven, Copland, Dvořák, Ives

No Man’s LandNo Man’s LandNo Man’s Land

A poetic montage of historic photographs tells untold stories behind the emergence of modern warfare during WWI. Choreographed for music by

Barber, Copland, Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams

Citizen SoldierCitizen SoldierCitizen Soldier

Bravery and sacrifice portrayed on a human scale through compelling WWII archival photography. Choreographed for music by

Barber, Copland, Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams


A profoundly beautiful visual journey through Iceland’s epic landscapes. Choreographed for music by

Hovhaness, Pärt, Sibelius, Vaughan Williams

Czech JourneysCzech JourneysCzech Journeys

Smetana and Dvořák’s famed homeland, from rolling Bohemian countryside and Moravian charm to the Old World–magic of Prague. Choreographed for music by

Dvořák, Fibich, Smetana

Grand Canyon CountryGrand Canyon CountryGrand Canyon Country

From river to rim, the unrivaled vistas of the grandest canyon in the world. Choreographed for music by



An evocative portrait of the ancient forests and wild coastline of the Pacific Northwest. Choreographed for music by

Debussy, Górecki, Liadov, Mahler, Satie, Sibelius

Reflections of the SpiritReflections of the SpiritReflections of the Spirit

Ancient remnants of an early Native American civilization amid the colorful beauty of today’s desert southwest. Choreographed for music by



An action-packed small town rodeo from behind the scenes, as only the contestants get to see it. Choreographed for music by


The Eternal StruggleThe Eternal StruggleThe Eternal Struggle

A stirring glimpse into the lives of ordinary Americans—and President Lincoln—during the Civil War. Choreographed for music by


Vanishing ForestVanishing ForestVanishing Forest

The rich jungle tapestries of the tropical rainforest, one of our planet’s most important natural treasures. Choreographed for music by

Vaughan Williams


Myriad forms and colors of the ruggedly beautiful deserts and national parks throughout the American southwest. Choreographed for music by

Bach, Diamond, Elgar, Fauré


A portrayal of nature’s seasonal transitions in a peaceful, almost storybook-like setting. Choreographed for music by

Beethoven, Dvořák

Two additional programming options

We also create custom concert pieces for orchestras using new or community-sourced photography. Both projects are well-suited for a variety of music, topics and budgets.