New Commissions

We’re passionate about creating immersive concert experiences for audiences, so we love it when orchestras approach us with a new project idea for an important upcoming concert. Our artist, Nicholas Bardonnay, enjoys working with a diversity of music and subjects, and he can photograph and expertly choreograph a new multimedia piece that’s tailored for your concerts.

How it works

  1. Let us know about your project idea and the potential music. Then we'll brainstorm with you about the scope and approach.
  2. We’ll do some initial research, put together an estimated production budget and draft a straighforward agreement for you.
  3. With the music in mind, our artist travels to distinctive, well-researched locations to shoot a library of images to work with. For historically themed pieces, he’ll gather the best archival images available.
  4. To build additional excitement, our artist can participate in press interviews, and we’ll supply your orchestra with some great images from the new piece to help promote the concerts.
  5. Your orchestra premieres the newly created concert piece, live-cued by our artist.

Project ideas

Our art form is quite versatile—new commissions are suitable for a wide spectrum of music and topics. Here are a few ideas for starters:

  • Cultural Journeys
  • Great Composers
  • Historical Subjects
  • Important Anniversaries
  • International Travel
  • Natural Beauty
  • Orchestra Milestones
  • Your Great Idea

Nicholas Bardonnay's photographic skills and interests cover a broad range. He’s equally as adept at photographing in remote natural landscapes as he is working in international locales, shooting candid portraiture, or handpicking imagery from historical archives.

Let us know what you have in mind, and we would be happy to explore some ideas with you.

Comments from past collaborations

Two additional programming options

Below you can continue exploring our repertoire of existing concert pieces or check out our program for creating new community-sourced pieces.