Poland Four-City Concert Tour

Poland Four-City Concert Tour

We’ll be spending April 2018 headlining a four-city concert tour in Poland alongside Polish-American conductor Mariusz Smolij. Previously we worked with Maestro Smolij on a three-season collaboration with his talented Acadiana Symphony Orchestra in Lafayette, Louisiana. The ASO performed two different visual pieces from our repertoire each season.

Now we’re continuing our work together in Mariusz’s homeland, where he has arranged one concert each week in the cities of Łódź, Opole, Olsztyn, and Toruń. The four orchestras are the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra, Filharmonia Opolska, Filharmonii Warmińsko-Mazurskiej, and the Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna. Mariusz is Artistic Director for the TOS.

Each concert will be conducted by Maestro Smolij and will feature an American theme. Our three visual pieces on the program—Pacifica, Grand Canyon Country, and Rodeo!—will share with Polish audiences some of America’s most cherished landscapes and one of its liveliest pastimes. They are choreographed to Mahler’s Adagietto, Grofé’s Grand Canyon Suite, and Copland’s Rodeo suite, respectively.

As a fun side note, our Creative Director, Nicholas Bardonnay, made a very brief visit to Poland during a freak October blizzard when he was shooting Czech Journeys back in 2012. This was atop a mountain called Śnieżka—the highest in the Czech Republic—that is bisected by Poland’s border on its northern side. After the blizzard cleared, Nicholas moseyed down the Polish side of the mountain, chatting with several hikers along the way.

Our upcoming concert tour follows the premiere of symphonic photochoreography in neighboring Germany this January with the Neue Philharmonie Westfalen. We’re very much looking forward to sharing our art form in Poland next season—and to getting to know the country and its people more.

PacificaPoland Four-City Concert TourPoland Four-City Concert Tour

Grand Canyon CountryPoland Four-City Concert TourPoland Four-City Concert Tour

Rodeo!Poland Four-City Concert TourPoland Four-City Concert Tour