The Eternal Struggle


Lincoln Portrait — 15 min.

Sample music | via SoundCloud

Description |

“It is the eternal struggle between two principles—right and wrong—throughout the world… .” —Abraham Lincoln

The Eternal Struggle is a stirring glimpse into what it was like living—and governing—during the Civil War, one of America’s most trying periods. Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and a brief vignette reflecting on the Civil Rights movement, are all explored through this poignant blend of Lincoln’s famous words, hundreds of historical photographs, and Copland’s momentous Lincoln Portrait.

Orchestras can also program an optional short prelude titled Before the Storm, choreographed to Interlude No. 1 from the CIVIL warS by Philip Glass. It depicts lives and surroundings of everyday people divided by geography, ideology and color shortly before the Civil War.

Format |
Live music + multiple digital projectors + 440-square-foot screen + 100s of historical images choreographed by our artist
Premiere |
Orlando Philharmonic and Akron Symphony Orchestra (commissioning orchestras)
Pairs well with |
Before the Storm, Citizen Soldier, No Man's Land, National Park Suite

The Eternal Struggle