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Part I: 'Tradicíon'

Sinfonía India — 12 min.
El Salón México — 11 min.
Tierra de Temporal — 13 min.

Part II: 'Vida'

Danzón No. 2 — 9 min.
Huapango — 9 min.

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Description |

Mexico is so much more than you hear about in the news: boisterous festivals, 16th century colonial towns, ancient wonders, and some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. The country also boasts one of the most biodiverse landscapes on Earth—spanning everything from deserts to rainforests to coastal mangroves…and 18,000-foot snowcapped volcanoes. Mágico weaves together a vibrant tapestry of the people, places and special “habanero spice” of everyday life across 18 states in Mexico. From Zacatecas to Chiapas, Oaxaca to Baja California Sur, Mágico draws audiences into Mexico’s colorful heart and treats their senses to the sights and sounds of a country that relatively few outsiders get to know.

Format |
Live music + multiple digital projectors + 440-square-foot screen + 100s of images choreographed by our artist
Pairs well with |
Pre~Columbia, National Park Suite, Czech Journeys, Rodeo!, Sagaland, Vanishing Forest