No Man’s Land

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First Essay for Orchestra, Op. 12 — 9 min.
Quiet City — 10 min.
Symphony No. 5 in D Minor, Op. 47: III. Largo — 15 min.
"Pastoral" Symphony No. 3: II. Lento moderato — 9 min.

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Description |

In remembrance of the ongoing 100th anniversary of World War I, No Man’s Land is a glimpse into the turbulent period from 1914 to 1918. The poetic montage of WWI photography, thoughtfully selected from over a dozen countries, emphasizes the collision between centuries-old traditions and the emergence of modern warfare that set the stage for the 20th century’s abrupt coming of age.

There is an optional WWII companion piece available for programming alongside No Man’s Land, titled Citizen Soldier. The piece—which commemorates the ongoing 75th anniversary of WWII—has four additional music options.

Format |
Live music + multiple digital projectors + 440-square-foot screen + 100s of historical images choreographed by our artist
Premiere |
Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra (Copland version), The Phoenix Symphony (Shostakovich version)
Pairs well with |
Citizen Soldier, The Eternal Struggle, National Park Suite

No Man’s Land