La Noche de los Mayas: Mvt. I — 7 min.

Sample music | via SoundCloud

Description |

Long before contact with Europeans, sophisticated pre-Columbian civilizations, like the Mayans, Aztecs and Zapotecs, built vast, temple-filled cities across Mesoamerica. Their worldview celebrated nature, conquest, the underworld, and the mystery of the sky above. Pre~Columbia captures the powerful and enigmatic qualities found amongst the ancient stone ruins, artwork, and natural beauty from some of the New World’s most sacred and impressive archaeological sites.

Pre~Columbia can serve as a scene-setting prelude for Mágico, or consider pairing it with another piece exploring the New World.

Format |
Live music + multiple digital projectors + 440-square-foot screen + 100s of images choreographed by our artist
Pairs well with |
Mágico, Reflections of the Spirit, Vanishing Forest