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"Mysterious Mountain" Symphony No. 2, Op. 132 — 17 min.
Fratres for Strings and Percussion — 10 min.
Tapiola, Op. 112 — 20 min.
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis — 15 min.

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Iceland’s dramatic blend of earth, fire, wind, water and ice have made it one of the world’s most visually captivating destinations for travelers and a filming location for many recent movies. Sagaland features the black volcanic beaches, boiling geothermal vents, ancient fjords, vast glaciers and beguiling waterfalls that embody the raw forces of the earth and have inspired countless Nordic legends. Combined with your selection from four music options, this piece is a tribute to nature’s timeless beauty.

Format |
Live music + multiple digital projectors + 440-square-foot screen + 100s of images choreographed by our artist
Premiere |
Anchorage Symphony Orchestra (Hovhaness version), Newport Symphony Orchestra (Pärt version)
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Canyonlands, Czech Journeys, Grand Canyon Country, Mágico, Pacifica, Reflections of the Spirit, Vanishing Forest